• Image of STONE DWARF - 'Voyage Au Pays Des Elfes' (Dungeon Synth)

Medieval Dungeon Synth with a black metal influence from Quebec. After a few demos, this is their first full length album of 12 songs.

A1 Rites Funéraires Des Seigneurs Nains
A2 Forging Of The Ancient Sword
A3 Le Festin Des Druides
A4 Mining At Earth's Depths
A5 The Forgotten Dungeons Of The Black Tower
A6 Mystic Gathering (Revealing The Mysteries Of The Druid's Prophecies)
B7 Crowning of the Goblin King
B8 La Bataille Du Pont de Glace
B9 Aux Tréfonds Des Mines Du Royaume de Bäählgor
B10 Trial Of The Elf King
B11 Voyage Au Pays Des Elfes Sylvestres
B12 Candlelight...

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